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At 21, dreaming to empower the Pakistani youth

    ali amir 1

    At the young age of 21, when most of us are busy figuring out how to get through university, Ali Aamir is already more than a year old at Pakistan’s National Youth Assembly. As the Youth Minister for Foreign Affairs, he has represented Pakistan on several international platforms, including Italy, New York and Dubai, carrying the message of empowerment, education, and peace. For someone with borderline grades and a carefree attitude throughout teens, the conscious journey to responsibility and ambition is inspiring for all the young Pakistani students.


    “I was never a great student, not specifically due to lack of talent, but because of lack of drive. I didn’t have any passion to do anything great and was always getting into trouble. One day, after a very messy school fight, I saw my mother look at me like she had never before – like my mistakes were somehow her personal failures. As she cried into the night, I felt my whole life come into perspective. I knew I had to change – and it had to happen fast ”.


    But to change never is easy. Ali also went through a year’s long struggle to fix his grades enough to get into a decent university and to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. “I believe all you need in life is commitment – once you have that, everything falls into place”. He didn’t give up his quest for ambition and it was not long before he found it. He managed to get into a University of London affiliated program and discovered his passion for International Relations and Foreign Policy. He began to take an interest in personal development and personality build-up. The same year he happened to meet the president of the National Youth Assembly who encouraged him to apply. Following rounds of rigorous selection processes, he was successfully selected as the Youth Minister for 5 years.


    His vision is to empower the Pakistani youth similar to western standards, where the young are given opportunities to grow and succeed, to voice their opinions and fight for their rights. To this end, he carries the message of mentoring beyond textbook education – “We need to be trained in skills such as leadership and entrepreneurship, and we need international exposure so we can really learn about and create new opportunities. This is essential so that we can groom future leaders”.

    He does more than talk, he is currently appointed as the Country Head of Pakistan for Associazone Diplomatici, Italy, working on recruiting students from Pakistan for their conferences to develop leadership skills, exchange cultures and get to know about the global affairs. He strives to generate internal governmental and media support to facilitate international cultural exchange programs both nationally and internationally. He also visits the lesser-developed areas of the country to understand how the young individuals there could be helped to enter the literate mainstream society.

    He speaks of his one major mission – “I want to communicate to the world that we, the Pakistani youth, have both potential and passion and that we will enable the strong and stable future of this country. The lesser the rest of the world thinks of Pakistan, the more energized I feel to prove them wrong. I urge all my brothers and sisters to join me and make sure that we stand united and empowered to save our country”.

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