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Why the SEC is so concerned about start-up “unicorns”

Welcome to Main Street Morning, The Washington Post’s daily collection of news affecting entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses with a special focus on policy and government roblox hack online.

Here’s what’s affecting my small business, my clients and other entrepreneurs today.


The Securities and Exchange Commission is voicing concern about “unicorn” start-up valuations.
The U.S. Treasury moves aggressively to curb corporate tax inversions and President Obama applauds.
Obamacare may have made filing your taxes worse, but this is why it’s better for your business than you think.
A U.S. official says the administration is open to a renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act.
Business voices come out in support of a federal clean power plan.
The economy

Job openings were flat in February.
The ISM’s non-manufacturing index was above estimates for March clash of kings hack cheats download.
The economy may not have grown at all in the first quarter.
Opposition to the minimum wage is splintering.
The elections

Trump reveals how he would force Mexico to pay for a border wall and President Obama doesn’t like it.
Nine in 10 Trump voters believe their values are “under attack.”
Clinton and Sanders agree to meet in a Brooklyn debate.

Aetna’s CEO pays his workers up to $500 to sleep.
A bad decision by a United Airlines flight attendant cost the company a bunch of money.
Ten years after the verdict, Walmart must pay $151 million to employees who worked off the clock.
Why office nap rooms may soon be as common as conference rooms.

These are 15 successful African American entrepreneurs on Etsy.
A 17-year-old baker balances business with high school.

These are 7 retailers with the absolute best customer service, according to a self-proclaimed “coupon nerd.”

A pub owner fights allegations that he set fire to his business.
The creator of “The Walking Dead” is hoping to kill an eatery designed after the show.
Sales and marketing

Why this Ellen DeGeneres Gap Kids ad is being called racist
A funeral parlor is 3D printing new faces for disfigured corpses.
IKEA makes a kitchen showroom in virtual reality.
Why Uber’s attempt to replace managers with customer reviews isn’t working.
A dentist’s office hires a dog to help patients relax.

A start-up is using drones to deliver medicine in Rwanda.
A 26-year-old hacker gets $3 million for a self-driving car start-up.

WhatsApp turns on encryption for all its data.
New website lets anyone spy on Tinder users.

This 122-year-old company makes sure electronics don’t blow up homes.
Social media

Twitter gets a deal to stream NFL games.

A smart baseball bat can teach a complete rookie how to hit.
On this day in 1776

Congress opens ports to international trade psn codes free online.

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